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Italian premium coffee illy is sold in 143 countries, on five continents. According to the estimates of the company's experts, more than 6 million cups of illy coffee are drunk on a daily basis throughout the world. Brief historical information about Illycaffe The founder of the coffee corporation is the Italian Francesco Illy. In 1933, he created a small company, which was located in Trieste. Engaged in roasting and selling coffee beans, Francesco often thought about how to make, so that their freshness and aroma could persist for a long time. Two years later, he develops an innovative sealing and storage system, thanks to which the company managed to start deliveries of its products throughout the country. Already in 1939, Illycaffe significantly expanded the horizons of sales, introducing coffee of its own production in Holland, Switzerland and European countries. In the following years the company developed rapidly, new plants and laboratories were built. The production was improved, the quality of packaging materials was improved. In 1974 Illycaffe was one of the first to produce portioned coffee for use in home and office settings. Currently illycaffè is a group of companies that has branches in France, Great Britain, Turkey, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, the Czech Republic and other countries. The head of the board of the corporation is Andrea Illy - the representative of the third generation of the Illy family Features of blends illy Coffee beans are purchased directly from the plantation farmers. The geography of grain supplies covers four continents. "Illycaffe" acquire raw materials, grown in the most ecological clean corners of the planet. Recalibration is carried out for each new crop, which is done manually. In this case, special screens with cells of different sizes are used. After careful calibration and sorting, the grains are additionally handled. This is done so that the consumer can get a real professional product of impeccable quality. Blends are made according to family recipes from nine varieties of premium, high-quality Arabica. Before roasting the grains are skillfully mixed by experts in order to obtain a mixture with excellent taste and aromatic properties. Coffee, which has passed all the processing stages, is pressurized under inert gas into a package that preserves the freshness, aroma and flavor of the contents for 3 years. Packaging for coffee is made of a durable material that is able to withstand mechanical damage. Ready-made coffee has a rich balanced taste and a delicious complex aroma. It harmoniously combines sweet velvet, delicate fruit, caramel and floral notes, barely noticeable presence of acidity and bitterness, and also an attractive honey-almond flavor. The corporation includes the Institute of Coffee, which trains future employees of the company. This scientific organization, created for a detailed study of coffee varieties and the development of innovative processing and packaging technologies. Where to buy illy coffee in Ukraine? In our store you can buy the original products of a well-known Italian company. Illy's product range is represented by grain and ground coffee, capsules and mono-doses. We work directly with the manufacturer, so we can offer you attractive and affordable prices for real Italian coffee. Delivery of orders is promptly carried out in Kiev, as well as in any region of Ukraine. You can choose the shipping method that is right for you. If you have any questions - you can ask them using the online form or simply by calling us at the specified phone number.

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